The Boundaries Workshop

Course Dates TBC

The Boundaries Workshop offers you a safe place in which you will learn how to establish boundaries using your strengths.

All the exercises are created using a solution-focused method.

During the sessions you will:

  • Understand why you find it difficult to say no to different people in your life,
  • Find out what is behind each relationship and where it’s difficult for you to establish a boundary,
  • Create your own wheel of boundaries map,
  • Practice assertiveness,
  • Learn useful methods in establishing boundaries.

Your Coach – Alina Kibbel

Originally from Romania and now living with her family in New Zealand, Alina is a mum, radio broadcaster, MBA student and has 11 years as an experienced Trainer and Coach. She has created various coaching programmes such as “The Limit-Setting Programme For Mums” and “The Wheel of Boundaries method”. Using these concepts, Alina is bringing her clients on a transformational journey where they learn how to be kind to themselves, speak up and express their needs and thoughts without feeling guilty.

Alina is passionate about nature walks, music and the power of being present.

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