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Flourish is the result of a collaboration of passionate Taranaki people and their associated community groups, wanting to connect whanau and children (pre-birth to 13 years) to applicable services, and create something special within our community which could not be achieved alone. 

Flourish is here to improve overall well-being, by enabling Taranaki whānau and their children to holistically flourish through support, growth, connection, and play.

Flourish wants everyone to be able to ride the inevitable struggles of parenting and to not feel isolated, or left wanting when they reach out. 

Flourish wants our children, and their children, to live in a strong, resilient, and connected community, whereby families have easier access to the support they need, in order to create their own best possible environment.

Flourish provides a platform for the sustainable, planned, connected and coordinated sharing of knowledge, resources, and skills across this collaboration of like-minded service providers.  

Together with philanthropists, volunteers, and community-minded corporates who align with our vision, Flourish will become a diverse, and non-judgmental space, both physically and virtually, for everyone’s better well-being. 

We welcome you to come and join our Flourish whānau – your support, experience, ideas and thoughts about all things parenting will hold a valid space. 

In all we do, we give Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Tikanga Taranaki a space to be heard, seen, and felt. 

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. 

TSB via our Good Stuff grant has chosen to support Flourish Taranaki because we wanted to help the trust get established and grow their ability to support whanau and tamariki in Taranaki.

Geoff Hitchcock, Sponsorship Manager – TSB Good Stuff!

The work of Flourish Taranaki aligns to the TOI Foundation’s outcome of enhanced child and youth wellbeing. TOI Foundation prioritises child and youth wellbeing by providing children and young people with the best start to life – “with opportunities focused on health, education, culture, identity and parenting support. Dismantling systemic barriers for those most in need, building a stronger, more inclusive community for children, young people and their families.”

Rob Haveswood, Philanthropic Strategy Leader – TOI Foundation

Because we are a community minded organisation, we are sincerely honored and excited to be able to support Flourish Taranaki to commence their great work in the community.

Carey Hobbs, CEO – New Plymouth Raceway

As CEO of BAF I have been connected to parenting support for many years as our team ran both the Incredible Years and Triple P programmes, and more recently we have led the initial stages of creating a digital parenting platform that will form an important part of the overall Flourish mission. Imagine a region where no parent is left unsupported and where all our children experience the benefits of that! This is exactly what Flourish Taranaki seeks to achieve.

Simon Cayley, CEO – Bishops Action Foundation

Flourish Taranaki

Our Brand Story

Our brand Flourish represents you reaching up to connect with the services that we provide.

We enable you to find strength within our community, through positive messages and experiences (the leaves) and to interact with all the entities that make up Flourish (the birds and butterflies).

You are our focus, our centre point, and therefore become the strength (tree trunk) of your whanau moving forward. We will teach you to find your inner strength with the support of our community. We will consistently be there for you.

A tree carries so much mana within our world in that they offer life, shelter and a reference point - all the values of which Flourish holds.

The explosion of colour and vibrancy represents watching you flourish and come to life.


Flourish embraces connection and relationships through caring, nurturing and looking after those who come into our arms.

We will be there for you, regardless of experience, colour, story and status. We connect you and your whanau with our services and service providers, and we are the place that will be consistently there for you.

Taha Wairua ensures that we acknowledge a connection to something larger than ourselves and acknowledges that to be healthy, we need to nurture our spirit in ways that give us joy and connection. This includes the environment we occupy. Flourish takes care of the environment that we provide, acknowledges the spiritual connections, and brings these into our space.

Taha Whanau acknowledges that no person comes without their whanau and that a person’s health relies on their connection with others. We foster these connections at Flourish.


Flourish enables you to find strength and support within our Flourish community.

Mana motu hake
Tino rangatiratanga

We acknowledge the importance of self-determination of each caregiver and whānau, and your right to make the decisions about your own lives, as well as the right of each service provider to do the same.


If you seek growth, then this is the focus for Flourish and you.

At our heart, we will grow together, so that you become the strength (tree trunk) of your whanau moving forward.

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”

Flourish provides the opportunity for you to learn and grow with the resources that we provide, finding your inner strength with the support of our community (‘teaching you HOW to fish’).


Play helps us to ensure Kotahitanga and Nga Hononga.

We acknowledging the importance of the relationships of the various service providers and stakeholders, while aiming for unity in everything that we do.

Our birds and butterflies playfully represent the services that make up Flourish. These services have the same core values around parenting and whanau, so all come back to roost comfortably within the safety of the almighty tree.

Taha Tinana acknowledges the importance of physical health. We encourage the health of ourselves and our whānau in this way, ensuring our practice incorporates this value.

We want our whanau to be active in their own lives and decision making.

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Come and visit us - we’re upstairs at the New Plymouth Raceway above the TRFU gym.

1 Rogan Street, New Plymouth.

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